Price list for 2023

*Prices (are in gross amounts and) include taxes and dues.

Please note that we offer discounts for sightseeing of more than one place in package and for excursions!

I. Split, city sightseeing for two hours. Diocletians Palace - world heritage:

a) 1-10 people - 60 EUR
b) 11-55 people - 70 EUR

II. Sightseeing of Split including visit to one of museums or galleries:

a) 1-10 people - 70 EUR
b) 11-55 people - 80 EUR

III. Panorama view or of the city - 65 EUR

Sightseeing of other places in Split & Dalmatia County

IV. Trogir, the town which is on the UNESCO list of the World Heritage:

a) 1-10 people - 50 EUR
b) 11-55 people - 60 EUR

V. Salona, Klis Fortress, Kastela as under I. Split 70 € each place.

VI. Excursions

A half-day excursion (less than 6 hours) - 90 EUR
A whole day excursion - 150 EUR

VII. Tours or round trips

- like VI. excursions

VIII. Extra services

a) Assistance on transfers - 50 EUR per hour,
b) Meeting people – if a person is late more than one hour, each additional hour will be charged - 15 EUR,
c) Assistance to expert groups (cameramen, researches...) - 35 EUR,
d) Attending people on the journey - 140 EUR daily, plus full board.

IX. Notes:

- Guide is obliged to wait for guests up to one hour, and then inform the Association or a Partner
- Our guides who are licensed for other Counties will do their guiding for approximately the same price as the above prices, for all places in Croatia.
- Guide and Partner may agree different prices for certain services.

Important remarks!
Discounts for visiting more than one destination in the same day & school groups :
- If visiting two destinations, the price will be reduced 15%, three destinations 25% reduced.
- Additional discount of 10% for pupils and students groups will be allowed.